Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An exclusive look at the Idol Lash eyelash extension serum

Chances you have searched for Idol Lash or Idol Lash review and ended up here! One thing I noticed when I did similar searches was the amount of blatantly fake websites setup to give you false information on the product so that you (the customer) will make a purchase. I am a cosmetic product reviewer and decided it was time to put the truth out there about Idol Lash.

There have been a few celebrities who have endorsed the Idol Lash eye lash enhancement product and sadly most people assume that this makes it a great product (this is not to say that it isn’t – we will get onto that!). This page is designed to give you an exclusive first hand review of Idol Lash and let you know the realistic results you can expect to benefit from if you chose to get it.

The premise behind the product is to give you longer and more thicker looking eyelashes within a few weeks of using it. It contains ingredients such as Cocoyl Sarcosine, Kelp Extract and Bitter Orange Flower Oil which promote the growth of the hair follicles in your eyelashes. The company behind Idol Lash carried out a clinical study and showed that in two to four weeks, eyelash density increased up to 82% within the test patients. The NIR image below shows the change.

But, enough of the boring statistics, you are probably wanting to know how well the product works in the real world. Well, as a cosmetic product reviewer one of my tasks is also to test them so I can give unbiased and honest opinions on their effectiveness. At my disposal I have people who are willing to let me try products out on them (brave people!).

My tester was called Sarah and to test Idol Lash she did the following:

•    Used the Idol Lash serum every night before bed. This was done after removing makeup.
•    Did the above every night for three weeks.
•    Used no other eye lash enhancing products during the three weeks that the test was being performed.

Below are the before and after pictures taken on day one and on day twenty one.

As you can see there was an improvement on the overall length and density of her eyelashes. She reported no side effects or irritation when using the serum. The list of ingredients show potentially irritating substances and make Idol Lash quite a friendly product to use, even for those with sensitive areas on their face.

The test pretty much concluded that Idol Lash works and works well. Whilst everybody is different and results will vary slightly, you are highly likely to experience similar results and will notice an increase in both the length and thickness of your eye lashes when using Idol Lash. Some people may notice this sooner or slightly longer than the three week time period that the test was performed under.

Idol Lash have a series of offers going on at the moment including a mail-in coupon offer which will get you the serum for around $10. There are also special savings offer like the 6 month supply offer which gives you three packs free. On a personal note I would recommend Idol Lash, when compared to eye lash extensions (which can cost a fortune) and other less effective lash extension serums, it offers very good results at just a fraction of the cost.

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  1. Idol Lash gives us a good look at clinical study findings on its site, but we wish we didn’t see the pictures. Lashes are longer? Check. Thicker? Debatable. We gave it a second chance, but our own trial produced the same underwhelming results in lash dimension.

    Ashley- Longer Eyelash